Hey! My name is Adam Rubinstein, nice to meet you :).

Want to know what I'm working on? You're in the right place...


  • istrumpgoneyet.com: My jab at the President. Would like to expand with opportunities for the initiated to engage in social activism.
  • OurSociety: a 501c3 bootstrapped startup focused on civic engagement; I'm helping them out with analytics.



  • MZ: Was the second member of a data operations team at a Palo Alto-based tech company.
  • TelTech: Was the first member of the data team at an NJ-based telecom startup.
  • Rutgers Entrepreneurial Society: A club for creative & entrepreneurial students that I re-founded at Rutgers.
  • LaunchR: A DOE-funded collegiate startup accelerator for clean-tech companies I founded.